Our fundamentals for quality, the environment and occupational safety

For many years FAIST Anlagenbau GmbH has carried out a policy oriented towards high quality demands, as well easing the burden on persons and the environment as much as possible.

The demands in the markets we operate in are constantly on the rise, in particular with regard to product quality and flexibility within product development and production. This is ensured by the modern means of production that we have made available to our employees. In the last few years we have significantly expanded production capacities and upgraded production facilities at our plant.

Ensuring the highest quality belongs to our core principles. We know that quality is one of the most important success factors for our customers and hence for us too. Every single employee, bears quality and environmental responsibility. We train every employee in all divisions of our organization. In order to eliminate sources of error from the start, we have consolidated quality and environmental guidelines into a management manual stipulating mandatory procedures and methods.


In addition FAIST has the following certifications:

// DIN EN 1.090 – Welding certificate
// Machine Guideline 2006/42/EG
// SCC – Mechanics certificate