Sound absorbers and sound measurement with FAIST

Our sound absorbers have been designed to be retrofitted into industrial and commercial buildings, waiting rooms and smaller rooms.

Our passive wall and ceiling absorber

We can easily install these products into almost all ceilings and walls of your industrial and commercial buildings. Our wall and ceiling absorbers effectively reduce annoying reverberant sound in large rooms and improve room acoustics. We adapt measurements and absorption behavior to your individual needs. The overall design can be harmoniously incorporated into the layout of the room – we offer sound absorbers in almost all colors and shapes. We would be glad to advise you on site on all solutions for your organization.

Our sound measurements in industrial buildings

We perform sound measuring in order to determine the characteristics and spectrum of sound in your industrial buildings. This provides the basis for subsequent calculations and individual sound-absorbing solutions. Their acoustic and visual design is oriented to the frequency spectrum of sound, spatial circumstances, quantity and location. We guarantee measurable noise reduction at your facility by using our wall and ceiling sound absorbers.

Our reactive sound absorbers – Compound Plate Resonator CPR

Together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics, we have developed a practical and slim sound absorber (base range absorber) for professional and amateur use – the Compound Plate Resonator (CPR). It has proven its high acoustic quality in a series of representative projects worldwide.

The underlying problem: Small rooms and their spatial reverberations have very irregular transmission behavior at low frequencies. If there is undamped stimulation of the natural frequencies of the room, it results in sound coloration, droning and poor speech intelligibility.

Our Compound Plate Resonator (CPR) improves acoustics in rooms such as audio rooms, recording studios, office cabins and music rooms. The sound absorber smooths the resonance of rooms, eliminates droning and optimizes communication. It can be easily installed with some knowledge of acoustics and technical experience – a tool for improving acoustics of speech and music. An additional absorption layer expands the CPR into a Broadband Compact Absorber. Let us advise you!