We understand your acoustics.

Our claddings for acoustic measurement rooms and test rigs

We develop claddings for acoustic measurement rooms, aeroacoustic wind-tunnel facilities and free-field rooms for renowned automobile manufacturers and many other sectors.


FAIST supplies products at the cutting-edge of technology: from large, anechoic rooms for simulated pass-by-noise measurements and acoustic measurement rooms for motors, drives and powertrains to rooms for individual, specific components. We find custom solutions for vehicle test rigs, brake test rigs, engine test rigs, hydraulic gears, airbag test rigs, engine test rigs and more. Our business activities are topped off with hybrid solutions (“climate meets acoustics”), as well as acoustic laboratories with defined reverberation time for personal sound perception. A new product in our portfolio is the cladding of vertical wind tunnels.

Our broadband compact absorber (BCA)
We equip our acoustic measurement rooms with the long established broadband compact absorber (BCA) or asymmetrically structured absorbers (ASA). The technology for these reactive absorber systems has been developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics (IBP). Our applications deliver performance in accordance with international standards. Compared to conventional wedge absorbers, BCAs have less Installation space and low installation costs. They boast a mechanically stable, easy-care surface. All materials used pose no health risk and are environmentally friendly. We will gladly work out a concept with you which optimally incorporates into your processes and is in line with your needs for acoustic measurement rooms and free-field rooms.