Transformers in the substations of power grid operators generate an especially low frequency soundscape with many tones heard over longer distances. Effective transformer sound insulation is thus essential if there are residential areas in the vicinity of the substations. FAIST noise barriers have – as an alternative to the relatively complex and costly enclosure of individual transformers – proven themselves in noise protection at substations. Adapted to the respective topographical conditions and set up for this specific noise characteristic, large modules are used here for noise protection and can quickly be built into the transformers of the substations.

Using special programs, FAIST simulates different options for noise protection of transformers prior to design and during acoustic consultation. For instance, the height of noise-protection barriers in substations can be adapted and optimally integrated into the environment. Savings on material can be achieved by optimal sizing of noise-protection barriers. Together with the customer, FAIST carries out optimal noise protection for transformers.