Practice-oriented learning

The dual study course at FAIST

A bachelor degree in just three years at the DHBW Heidenheim.

In a dual study course, theory and practice alternates in three-month periods. As a dual student, you will gain initial experience in various departments during the practice phases, and acquire the theoretical knowledge at the vocational academy in Heidenheim. In the dual study course you will get to know FAIST and be able to build a helpful network form the ground up.

The DHBW course of studies allows you to earn a total of 210 credit points and your Bachelor degree within six semesters.

As a partner to the DHBW Heidenheim, FAIST currently offers two different dual courses of studies. Find out more at:


Ms. Marlies Egle will be glad to answer any questions you may have
(0 82 82-88 80-190).

Course of studies Machine building/Industrial engineering and management at DHBW

Main focus:

Design and development/
International technical sales and distribution

Each semester consists of three months
theory at the DHBW Heidenheim and three
months practice in various departments at FAIST.

Duration of study: 6 semesters

Final degree

Bachelor of Engineering Machine building/Industrial engineering and management


  • (Technical) diploma with high GPA
  • Initiative, commitment, ability to work under pressure
  • Independent and team-oriented work