Reverberation rooms with FAIST

FAIST delivers solutions for reverberation rooms. Utilize the acoustic features of a product as outstanding success factor. We support you with carefully planned and precisley designed reverberation and special reverberation rooms for the following sectors, et al.:

// household appliances

// automobile manufacturing and suppliers

// measuring and testing technology

Our reverberation rooms provide you with the best prerequisites for

// determining acoustic power level LW under ISO 3743

// determining sound absorption coefficient according to DIN EN 20354 and ISO R 345

// sound measurements, which can be incorporated into operational test procedures or assembly lines

// specific test procedures for acoustics

The supreme discipline when it comes to applying different sound absorber types and diffusers lies in laying out special reverberation rooms. The special reverberation room is acoustically ‘tuned’ by precisely determining sound-absorber types and their special arrangement in this room, combined with individual placing of the diffusers.

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