FAIST Design – Sound proofing in new shape

Your sound proofing specialist with a new design

// the perfect combination of quality & design

// modern and appealing design

// innovative features

// for various applications

Enhance the visual appearance of your machines and facilities with our new FAIST Design – and make your production halls shine.

The new design specifications for the glazing of the FAIST sound enclosures

Glass panes:

// flush-mount with our panels

// assembled in a frame

// optical frame with typical FAIST design (silkscreen, enameling)

Company logo

Optional with your logo. Labelling is integrated at the glass production process.

The new design specifications for doors and handrails of FAIST sound enclosures

Door handle:

// handle made of round profile with a diameter of approx. 20mm, transitions are done on bevel

// door handles and closing system with cover plate

// material: brushed stainless steel

Door closer:
// plain rectangular door closer
// preferably with slide rail

//  hidden door closer

// plain cylindrical on hinge

// hidden hinges

The new features on stairs and railings of FAIST sound enclosures

We have three different applications:

// variant 1 – glass

// variant 2 – classic

// variant 3 – sheet metal

The design of all underlying modifications is equivalent. The railing is closed with glass or sheet metal respectively with a knee rail.