Our noise protection for gas- and steam-turbine power systems and for air-separation systems

FAIST sound insulation cabins for power plants are multifunctional. Using the latest technology, they lower the noise level of power plants to the legally-stipulated acoustic level. Our products are custom-fit to your gas turbines, steam turbines, diesel engines and ancillary units. If needed, systems can be designed in which each noise protection element can be disassembled anywhere in your power plant to ensure smooth replacement of larger components and significant time saving in routine maintenance work.

When planning your system we take into account sufficient cabin ventilation under all meteorological conditions, as well as accurate dimensioning of silencers. Our long-standing experience in noise protection for power plants has allowed us to develop a sound proofing system that will certainly fulfill your high requirements.

It is good to know that FAIST sound proofing systems are planned in 3D. Even in the planning phase, our flexibility will win you over and you can easily perform clash detection in your overall model.


Our product range compromises more than only enclosures for gas and steam turbines. FAIST sound proofing cabins are also used around the world as generator and exhaust enclosures.


FAIST provides a  wide variety of skids and packages such as the Lube Oil Package, the Gas Module and theWater Injection Module. We top off our offering with custom-tailored sound proofing walls for safeguarding the  acoustic requirements of your entire facility.


Sound proofing hoods for gas turbines also require ventilation specifically designed for this equipment. Whether under- or overpressure concept – we design the ventilation for your gas turbines in accordance with your individual acoustic requirements, as well as with regard to waste heat which has to be dissipated. We deliver the appropriate instrumentation and control equipment as well as the ventilation ducts and required silencers.