Control centers and control cabins with FAIST Acoustic Systems

As a specialist for noise protection at the workplace, we supply control centers, sound-insulating control rooms and control cabinets for all industrial applications. The key facts at a glance:

// Our noise proofing elements achieve a noise-reduction value (Rw) of between 36 dB and 50 dB.

// You determine the individual measurements and fixtures – the amount of glazing and doors, electric equipment, climate control and ventilation, as well as interior and exterior color.

// Stairways, platforms and railings guarantee uncomplicated incorporation into your existing infrastructure.

// Swing doors and sliding doors and, if needed, special solutions provide access options.

// For wall structures we take your specific requirements into consideration.

// When setting up a platform the steel substructure meets static requirements.

// We can assemble at your company, at short notice and reliably.

// Another option: Depending on size, we preassemble your control center at our plant. You can then immediately put it into operation in your production hall.

// Double and multistory control centers, as well as inclined and large surface glazings are also possible.