Social Projects by FAIST apprentices

For quite some time FAIST Company supports local social Service providers. Since 2011 the first year apprentices organize, plan and work on these projects. They do it with enthusiasm and do hard work for it.

Social project in 2017 in AWO Krumbach by FAIST apprentices.

March 2017 our Trainees were in action again. This time they help creating a relax-Lounge, beauty-saloon and a raffle at the open day at AWO home for the elderly in Krumbach.

Social project in 2016 in AWO Krumbach by FAIST apprentices.

Advent Fair at the AWO home for the elderly – Krumbach withn Coffee and cakes and mulled wine and Punch.

The Advent Fair is sponsored by FAIST Niederraunau as a social project of the first year apprentices!

The Advent decorations were made by the apprentices together with the residents of the AWO home.