Our air-intake systems for medium and large gas turbines

Along with the successful implementation of compact air-intake systems for small and medium gas turbines, FAIST has become a specialist in air-intake systems for large gas turbine series (up to 270 MW). We provide you with standardized modular construction with future-oriented design.

Independent of your specific requirements, of turbine size, filtration concept (static/self-cleaning), location (land, onshore, offshore, tropical etc.), we can deliver highly standardized air-intake solutions. You reap the benefits of a cost-optimized system with short delivery times for your gas turbines.

When the system should be able to do more:

We can provide your air-intake systems with all conceivable extra applications. Examples of such applications are:

// Anti-icing systems with hot compressed air

// Anti-icing systems with heat exchanger (water/glycol)

// Wet compression systems for enhancing performance of gas turbines

// Evaporative cooler systems for enhancing performance of gas turbines

Would you like a face-to face consultation on our air-intake systems? We are here for you.