Acoustic Systems for machine building

We provide planning and production of complete noise protection for your machine-building area. Whether with our standardized STB system or special designs for machines which are integrated into production facilities or used as partial enclosures, our products ensure a safe, noise- and stress-free workplace climate at your organization.

// Machining centers // Packaging // Plastics // Concrete blocks // Building material machinery // Foundry/blasting plant // Metallurgical plants/roller mill // Timber industry // Grinding cabin // Shredders and mills

Our noise protection – the comprehensive product range, for instance for

// machining centers

Your powerful milling machines need powerful noise protection. We plan, design and  produce sound proofing systems for milling machines with five or more CNC-controlled axles. In addition to standardized solutions we provide you with custom-tailored turnkey sound-insulating equipment for machining centers, precisely sized for your machines, production and needs. We are glad to personally advise you on noise-protection concepts for your machining tasks.

// machines for packaging production

We provide you with solutions that are as individual as your packaging and your machines. Whether integrated to the machine or as casing – FAIST provides noise protection with high quality standards. Of course in compliance with legally stipulated noise-protection values, often even falling below them with the use of our products. Other advantages include a small footprint and maximum service and maintenance friendliness.


// our noise protection in plastics production

Plastics production, plastics processing, plastics treatment and plastics recycling: We are your reliable partner for noise protection and sound insulating of your machines – with customized solutions for your organization. We have got a grip on all of your requirements: ventilation and exhaust for appropriate heat dissipation, modular design to easily move sound-proofing cabins when relocating your machines, as well as openings, flaps, doors and gates for optimum access.


// our noise protection for the concrete products industry

You operate complete production lines with metering and mixing equipment or simple transport systems. We will plan, manufacture and assemble turnkey sound-insulating systems for you. Our customized solutions do not only take into account sound protection but also protection against vibration and other technical aspects. Beyond that, we highly value accessibility, transparency, ventilation, lighting and design adapted to your needs.


// our noise protection for building material machinery

The enormous noise exposure caused by your building material machinery does not allow for unprotected working in the immediate vicinity. We design ergonomically and acoustically adapted sound proofing systems equipment which prevent 
noise of individual subassemblies, machines and assembly lines on your factory work floor from spreading. Moreover we guarantee the safety of your employees along with a smooth implementation into your daily production.


// our noise protection for foundry/blasting plants

We design and create complete sound-insulating equipment for machines for melting, holding and casting of metals and metallurgic treatments. Our sound proofing solutions fulfill all requirements for heat resistance and prevent heat accumulation via defined ventilation ducts within the cabin, protecting against flying sparks and dust emission in your production hall.


// our noise protection for metallurgical plants and roller mills

The basis of our efficient sound proofing for machines in metallurgical plants and roller mills is an intelligent noise-reduction program. And we plan the measures most effectively for you, such as noise-protection barriers at the scrapyard, billet yard and facade of the steelworks and roller mill, as well as noise-protection measures at the furnace and casting bay. Electronic and automatically closing rolling gates, for example, can provide additional noise protection measures. When making new investments, you should have our sound insulation built directly into the machine.


// our noise protection for timber-industry facilities

We see to the complete sound insulation of your facilities and machines for producing wood-based panels such as chipboards, fiberboards (MDF, HDF), OSB and CSL boards. We see the big picture – systems for wood preparation, glue application and drying are upstream of sound insulation, while those for sanding, storing, parceling and shipping of raw panels are downstream. As a special solution for ventilating chip extraction and sound damping at interfaces, we provide you with silencers, lift gates and containment curtains.


// our noise protection for grinding cabins

Grinding work generates very high noise emissions which pose a considerable hazard to your employees. Our FAIST Elementsystem allows us to reduce various sources of noise down to a minimum. Thanks to our longstanding experience in sound-proofing systems we have developed a system that can be easily and cost-effectively assembled and disassembled. Of course, we customize our system to your individual needs.

// our noise protection for shredders and mills

We provide you with efficient sound proofing systems for powerful shredding machines – standardized solutions such as custom-tailored, turnkey noise-protection facilities. They all are precisely tailored to your production and your needs. FAIST manufactures products for different types of equipment:

//  granulators – for comminution of materials with high proportion of foreign particles

// shredders, mills and grinding mills – for all plastics-processing waste such as generated by injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and all other processing types

//  specialized mills – for panels, pipes and profiles