Our applications for aeroacoustic wind tunnels

We support your wind tunnel projects with first-class components: absorbent plenum and wall cladding, cladding for nozzle and collector, acoustic turning vanes and a carefully aligned sound-damper package for the ventilator – plus acoustic treatment of all ventilation ducts. The result: the quietest wind tunnels in the world.

We have proven our expert know-how in this area in many projects for renowned customers such as Audi Ingolstadt, VW Wolfsburg, Porsche Weissach, PSA Paris, TLT-Turbo Copenhagen, Jacobs Technology Inc. Lockheed, Honda Sakura, DNW Marknesse, DaimlerChrysler Auburn Hills, Aiolos Södertälje, the remodeling of the DLR AAWT Braunschweig and the first aero-acoustic wind tunnel in China at TongJi University Shanghai.

Our aeroacoustic wind tunnel (AAWT)

Aeroacoustic wind tunnels (AAWT) are an absolute high-end product. Flow noise in wind tunnels must be minimized in order to perform acoustic (FYI there are only acoustic measurements) measuring on test specimens. This requires high capacity silencers throughout the frequency spectrum.

Our BCA technology (BCA)

We have been equipping our aeroacoustic wind tunnels with long established broadband compact absorbers (BCA) for years. The technology for these reactive absorber systems has been developed together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics(IBP). Our latest absorbers have been successfully implemented into many wind tunnels and more than 300 measuring rooms all over the world. With our technology we have successfully participated in almost every wind tunnel project on this planet.