Acoustic Systems in forming technology

We provide highly developed noise-protection systems which meet all requirements in the area of forming technology – of course, in accordance the required safety systems in your company.

Our noise proofing systems in particular enclose low-frequency and impulsive sources of noise in your production. We pay special attention to full separation of components in order to prevent vibration and structure-borne noise.

We work out targeted solutions and concepts for noise protection in the field of forming technology. This makes it possible to reduce costs in material, in production and in the assembly of noise protection.
This sound-insulating technology for forming technology makes it possible to comply with EU Directive 2003/10/EG in the press area.
Assembly time is drastically cut by the modular design of noise-protection cladding for forming technology. This noticeably shortens downtimes of the presses, which in turn represents real cost savings for customers.

Custom-tailored noise-control concepts

To securely locate sources of noise in your organization we employ optical-acoustic cameras. They help us work out targeted noise-control solutions in the area of forming technology. You reap the benefits of a custom and cost-efficient system which makes it possible to comply with the new EU Directive 2003/10/EG for presses.

Perfect form, perfect function

We make sound insulation for machines and people, so our design engineers place particular emphasis on a visually appealing design.

Modular assembly

Benefit from the modular design of our noise-protection cladding for forming technology: comparatively short assembly time ensures shortened press downtimes and thus real cost savings.