Test rig technology from FAIST

FAIST plans and produces complete sound insulation for the various areas of test rigs technology – from R+D acoustics to the end of line:

// power-absorption roller
// endurance test rigs
// end-of-line test rigs
// engine and transmission test rigs
// drive-train test rigs
// exhaust systems
// function and interface tests
// electrics test rigs, et al.

Our promise: We enclose the noise emissions of your test specimens with sound-damping panels, thereby ensuring optimal noise protection. Ease of operation means perfect incorporation into your processes. We can also deliver other noise-protection components for your test rigs, such as ventilation and structure borne sound insulation.
In addition to excellent sound insulation, our cabins feature absorption functions which lower the noise level in the test rig.

We strive to limit your investment in sound insulation for test stand technology and test rigs. And of course we guarantee compliance with all legal provisions.

Along with outstanding sound proofing features, you also need a defined acoustic environment under ISO 3745/3744 or 3743. You will find more information under menu item acoustic measurement rooms.

Let us create a custom-tailored noise protection concept for your test rigs!

At FAIST, there are two approaches for the acoustic handling of test rigs:

Firstly, there is the option of enclosing test rigs with sound proofing elements/cabins in order to minimize the noise emissions of testing procedures.

Secondly, there is the option to apply absorber material to existing test rig surroundings. This minimizes reflection in the test rig in order to prevent an increase in noise caused by reflection in the interior of the test rig. Depending on the surface covered and the type of absorber, acoustic comparison measurements or even free-field measurements in defined frequency ranges are possible.

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