Our drying equipment, holding furnace and preheaters for the tile and ceramic industry

We supply many well-designed products for the ceramics industry: drying equipment (compartment dryers and continuous dryers), holding furnaces and preheaters, dryer doors, installations such as slot-nozzle walls and movable blower walls, as well as trimming racks.

Our dryers fulfill the high mechanical and chemical requirements of the ceramic industry – temperatures of up to 300°C and at times up to 100% humidity.

We produce equipment which meets the highest quality standards with regard to corrosion protection, steam impermeability and service life. We employ only high-grade materials: galvanized metal, a combination of zinc and aluminum, as well as stainless steel. A coating of several layers is applied in our in-house powder-coating facility under ISO 12 944 C2-C5. We can thus guarantee you excellent surface quality with high mechanical strength. We furthermore put a premium on maximum environmental protection.